Broome Vacation Village Park Rules

1. Speed limit 8kph.

2. No Pets in Park (Guests or Visitors), Broome Shire Rangers are empowered to remove any within the park.

3. No fish cleaning in caravan park.

4. Noise, strictly 10pm curfew absolute quiet time, no noise, no loud music and no offensive language.

5. Clothes lines are not permitted around sites please use lines provided.

6. Reverse parking on all sites, Caravans are to be parked with tow ball hitch facing out to roadway.

7. Vehicles maximum of 2 vehicles per site comprising of a vehicle, caravan, boat or trailer, these all must be parked within the site boundaries and not on the road.

8. Visitors are to park their vehicles including motor bikes and scooters in the visitors carpark. Opposite the shop.

9. Visitors are not permitted to use the showers, toilets, or laundries without prior permission from management and must vacate the park by 10pm.

10. Parking Broome Shire Council issue parking fines within the park for any vehicle parked on any road or parked  contrary to any parking sign.

11. Water restrictions apply, watering is permitted between 6pm and 9am on even number days. A car wash is available next to the Caltex Service Station on Flowerdale Road.

12. Barbecues are provided free for your convenience. Please clean after use and place rubbish cans and bottles in bin provided.

13. Children must have adult supervision in toilet blocks and swimming pool areas and are not to ride bikes. skateboards. scooters. etc.. around main toilet / laundry block or main entrance and must have helmet on at all times.

14. Rubbish to be wrapped in paper or plastic bag prior to placing in the bin –

  • Green lid bins – Household and garden waste
  • Yellow lid bins – Recycle only, glass, cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard

15. Alcohol is limited to sites only. Do not walk around the park while drinking.

16. Waste from chemical toilets in caravans and motor homes etc. are not to be emptied in toilet blocks. A “Dumpezy” sullage point is located opposite reception.

17. Mail. We do not collect mail, this must be addressed to C/- Broome Post Office, Broome WA 6725.

18. Trespassers once a person is asked to leave the trespass act is invoked.

Management reserve the right to refuse or terminate occupancy at any time and at their discretion, including those who are caught speeding, fish cleaning, having pets in your possession, excessive noise or obscene language.

Office: (08) 9192 1057
After Hours: 0484 378 689

Police: (08) 9194 0200
Fire and Ambulance: 000

Help make it an enioyable stay for all